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Ritu Gupta, Life Coach and Alternative Therapist


I am a practicing Life Coach and a certified Alternative Therapist for various healing modalities, helping people with ‘clarity and personal excellence’.

Having spent a decade as part of the leadership team  in  the people function,  contributing towards organisation development and design across industries within the country and overseas, I steered into becoming a full-time coach and a therapist in 2013.

"You are not broken, but a mozaic,
part of a beautiful story, a masterpiece in the making

Ritu Gupta


Ritu is an incredible coach, a magician. She not only helped me get to the root of my health issues but changed my perspective around relationships and money. She is a strict coach, but her gentle ways make healing so much fun. I am so much more clear and aware of myself that I no longer doubt the decisions I make. I went from a wounded, indecisive, lost and scared child to a powerful, authentic and clear woman. This is by far the best investment I have made for myself and I am so proud of my decision.You are a goddess Ritu, fierce yet so nurturing.

I am deeply grateful to Ritu for helping me discover myself all over again, focussing on the right things and understand what it means to be happy. This does not mean that I have overcome all my insecurities or fears. I do get overwhelmed, but I deal with them better now. My own emotions and thoughts do not intimidate me any longer. Every week is a new discovery and people around are seeing the positive change in me.

This note of thank you is not enough. Your understanding of human emotions is unmatched and the way you helped me re-build my relationship with self is something I never thought was a possibility. We all explore self help tools, internet is full of them but the way you navigated my mind and feelings through 35 days, I did not realise when I began to clear my own debris. You are a MRI machine Ritu. For the first time I am in no rush. I am willing to allow life to happen for me, one step at a time, like you say. 


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Contributor [March 2023]


TRM Master I Meditation Mentor [Since January 2022]


National council member 
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Contributor [April 2020]

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