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The work of Coaching draws inspiration from the wide range of trainings I under took and hands-on experience through client interactions. Some of the issues, not limiting to, that I have coached people on –


  1. Clarity and decision making 

  2. Breaking mental barriers and manifesting abundance 

  3. Life purpose and direction 

  4. Understanding relationship dynamics and un-earthing blocks

  5. De-addiction (including conditions such as Anxiety, Depression and OCD)

  6. Building self esteem and confidence

  7. Decoding human emotions and turning them into strengths 

  8. Healing health issues through mind-body alignment

  9. Building cohesive teams for high performance at work place

  10. Leadership coaching (People leadership and Personal leadership)


Couples Therapy

Couple Therapy is intended to help the seekers who are either at the cross roads of making a decision for their relationship or have made a clear choice to make it work, together. 


Parting ways is easy, the toughest part is arriving upon the right decision. Professional guidance and a little hand holding goes a long way in navigating through relationship dilemmas.


In my personal experience, most partnership crisis are salvageable, if only two people choose to deal with them, like adults. 


Mindfulness and Breathwork

‘Mindfulness’ is a process of conscious creation. Living Mindfully is not so much about practicing specific tools but choosing to be fully ‘present’ to everything we do, think and feel, everyday. It is a way of life, simply put. 


My work around Mindfulness helps one explore and develop a heightened sense of self-awareness through breath-work and other effective mind-body alignment techniques, making mental-emotional wellbeing sustainable in day-to-day life. 


Acceptance, taking responsibility, embracing kindness and living with gratitude are the 4 pillars that support Mindful living.  


Reiki Attunement

Reiki is an energy healing modality practiced by only those who have been attuned. It requires one to first undergo the meditative process of accessing the universal life force energy, developing it as a daily practice, staying aligned with a Reiki Master before the master attunes the seeker through symbols and light. 

Reiki calls out to those who are ready to receive, they say. And I agree. The beautiful world of Reiki healing not only promotes physical, mental and emotional well being of the practitioner but also empowers them to be a channel for others (at advance levels) through touch and/or distance.

As an energy worker and a Reiki grand master, I extend attunements based on Usui Reiki teachings, for all levels. However, attunements are given, if only one is assessed ready, at the end of the workshop.

Note: Prior experience with Reiki (at any level) is not an eligibility for one to be ready for next level. Your depth of practice and readiness is.  


Psychic Reading

Psychic reading is a guidance technique based on a broad spectrum of tools ranging from classical Tarot deck, Angel Cards, Oracle decks, Lenormand cards as also Pendulum dowsing, Runes and the likes. 


Readings are interpretations of the psychic medium, based on insights gathered through clairvoyance, symbolism, color, numbers, messages and patterns in which the cards show up, for an intention with which the reading is done. 


It is a tool for self-reflection and fueling personal growth. 


As a psychic reader and a clairvoyant, I use multitude of decks and pendulum for my readings, gently threading the subtlety of messages and personal enquiry.


Book a session

To book a session, drop in a hello at


WhatsApp: +91 9845805209

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